The company’s primary objective is safety.  It is paramount and held at the highest standard.  Each employee is trained through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Certifications are required to be maintained and are a condition of employment.  Our attitude for safety dictates the work environment. If something is deemed unsafe, work is halted, and corrective actions are taken before work proceeds.  All of this coincides with the regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  With a strict safety program, Creative Surveying is perfectly qualified for small unmanned aerial vehicle used in powerline inspection.

Drone Over the Mountains

Our company provides inspection services to electrical utilities across New England.  Our highly skilled team will be assigned a transmission circuit and conducts a full scale (substation to substation) line inspection.  We utilize high definition cameras and collect data which is compressed and delivered to the utility.  Some of the critical issues we have identified jeopardize the long-term electrical integrity and continued reliability of transmission grid.  Working hand and hand with utilities identified and facilitates the remediation of potential structural failure due to asset condition vulnerabilities.  With the additional information provided by a small unmanned aerial vehicle, we provide the requisite observations to properly evaluate the utility systems.

Black Drone

With a competitive market in today’s industry, it is imperative that the team at Creative Surveying is knowledgeable in their associated fields.  The combination of qualified licensed pilots we hire to fly our small unmanned aerial vehicles, to the electrical professionals from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, we exemplify an efficient service to the utility company performed in a safe, timely, and cost effectively manner.



Creative Surveying, LLC is a utility project management company with more than 10 years of experience performing multiple hands on and team leadership tasks throughout the U.S. with a focus on CT, MA, and NH.


We work with major power suppliers and support their distribution, transmission, and sub-station systems. We also support the general public and serve a wide customer base that is comprised of diverse electrical outages. 


We are notable for controlling situations that mitigate danger and also protect linemen under duress through proper delegation.


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                Creative Surveying is a union company and is part of The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Our primary objective is to provide utility solutions for safety, service, and efficiency for the electrical industry.  The company takes pride in the ability to deliver a premium product to its customers. With the attitude, skill, and knowledge we can accomplish the high standards we set for ourselves.

            No one holds themselves to a higher standard of quality than our team at Creative Surveying.  We pride ourselves on the product and services we provide. It is reflected in our work ethic and the way we present ourselves in day to day operations. We have high expectations and aspirations for the future.




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